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Latest News


Commissions are back for this Summer. With free tan line variants.

Important note - I already have a waiting list, of people who asked in the meantime and could get one in the previous round, I'll first make those. But I plan to add 10-20 more there to do over the Summer, so, if you want one contact me I can add you on the waiting list. I'll go in batches and once I'm ready to start on your commission I'll contact you and we can discuss more about your idea.

If you are interested in getting one please check this image, or read the info bellow.



Butt or Bust:

Sketch + Flats: $50

Sketch + Shades: $65

Ink + Flats: $70

Ink + Shades: $85

Thighs Up:

Sketch + Flats: $65

Sketch + Shades: $80

Ink + Flats: $85

Ink + Shades: $100

Full Body:

Sketch + Flats: $75

Sketch + Shades: $90

Ink + Flats: $95

Ink + Shades: $110

Image resolution varies from sketch to inks, you can see it in the image, and all images are in 72dpi

Private commission is + $50

Print Ready (in 300dpi) can be in A5/6"x8" for +25% or A4/8.5"x11" for +50% of the base price.

New additions for this round:

  • I'll start drawing NUDES. So, free nipples and all that jazz, just nothing hardcore. That is +$35. If it's already a private commission, no extra charge for nudes.

  • And I'm bringing back grayscale/monochrome to offer lower cost options. For sketch it's -$15 for inks -$20

To make Butt or Bust more clear - Bust is focused on the face and breasts, butt is focused on the booty, with face and breasts partly visible.

After the payment is sent, process goes usually like this - a couple of rough, small concepts - feedback - sketch - feedback - inks - feedback - colors.


- >18yo characters, both fan art and original characters.

- One color background, but I can add 1 or 2 simple silhouettes where possible

- No hardcore themes. suggestive, sexy, provocative and erotic is OK 

- Price is per character with payment upfront via PayPal invoice, bigger commissions can be done in breakdowns if you want

- A simple object like gun or carrot is included in the pinup,

 but complicated objects need a little extra.

- I reserve the right to post the image, you can post it also, but link to me.

- Please provide references for the pose, character and desired outfit.

If you agree with the terms above you can contact me here or on my other profiles.

Also, if you want to support me and my art, but don't want a commission,

you can check my fresh;y revamped Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/hugotendaz

or get a print on Society6 - https://society6.com/hugotendaz

or tip me on Ko-fi - https://ko-fi.com/hugotendaz

Let the booties hit the floor. Cheers!


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