Guess the Booty - Round 1 + Giveaway

2017-02-12 13:18:37 by HugoTendaz


Maybe you already seen this, but let's update the News feed. I'm doing the givaway to thank you all for the support. Like many of you know, I love to draw big booties, so it was no-brainer to figure out what to giveaway :)

Test your knowledge and win booty of choice for yourself :)



Rules are stated in the image post.

There's one IMPORTANT UPDATE - since it's the first round, it's still experimetnal, I learned few things for the next round. Some shots need more hints or more canon colors, to avoid confusion. First one ended up little confusing, so either you answered Psylocke or Elektra, both answers will be considered correct.

To clear that mess and in spirit of the Holiday, I'm gonna choose TWO WINNERS. That also means you can win two booties, because every answer across tah interweb get you one spot in the pool. That's a potential 4 spots if you  answered on all platforms where image is posted.

Game ends this Valentine's Day, so you haven't tried your luck yet, there's still time to enter. Shares are appreciated, spread the love :)

Cheers and good luck to all.

EDIT - Winners are selected, you can see rewards here-

Thank you all for playing and see you in March for Round 2.


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