Guess the Booty - Round 3 + Giveaway

2017-04-30 15:11:11 by HugoTendaz

Guess the Booty Round 3 started 


Leave your answers in comment section of this image. You can find more rules there.

Game ends on 5.1.2017. around 9pm CET. It's mah birthday tomorrow, so I will chose two winners, who will get booties of choice.

Good luck :)


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2017-04-30 16:35:34

Happi Birthdai in advance man, hope it's a time to remember!!!1

HugoTendaz responds:

Thank you. It's a great time. May 1st is sorta a holiday where I'm from, so it's a more picnic and barbecue day then political event. Birthday is just a good bonus :)


2017-05-10 05:29:48

I guess 4